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words cannot touch the beauty I see
they only caress the frailty
a desire to see such things might prove wrong
but to remove want is to remove desire all together
Was it so wrong all along

trembling fingers stroke the wind in her hair
moving as wisps and gliding here and there
some things for certain and some things not so certain
but these fingers touch her lips at last

water runs slowly off the rocks
trees and grass die in flocks
whispers and shadows wander in unbelievable agony
my eyes to fall away from hers like breathing vanity

her eyes shine like starlight
the air from her lungs spins galaxies
a gentle touch to her skin which is smooth as ice
and as delicate as butterflies wings

so with further astonishment do
I look upon those lips threw and threw
a desire of being held against me like fire
but cold as ice I ask, and I inspire

when her eyes look up and sunlight shines
the world spins as my heart stops
long awaited she falls
and my lips and hers spark alight

sunlight grazes our skin in woe
the wind creeps out to watch this flow
and a river does not stop it's fever
nor do I  stop this gentle teaser

but the time does not stop even if it is our desire
instead it flies like a bird as if it was haunted
it lasts but a frail moment
enjoyed like it lasted until atonement
But instead it reaches like the dying summer's light

none can stop this feeling of disbelief
and the words are coming like a frail leaf
breaking apart the binds of imagination
wanting more, in exasperation
like a droughts thirst for rain

soft delicate breath she breathes
like the whisper of the fall breeze
as my hands touch her unbelievable form
Her skin bare against mine
sharing secrets that dare inspire

entire worlds collapse
like the shaking of a violent earthquake
as her ice collides with my fire
and I become a part of her frailty

Words cannot touch the beauty I see
but for reasons unknown
like a rainbow shining through the rain
she lets clumsy fire collide
with her delicate ice
Ice to Fire and Fire to Ice
Tried to write love from the perspective of a guy even though I know they don't usually see the world as poetically as I/woman do.
Darkness creeps in
Tears bite at my eyes
Breath leaves my lungs
In ragged gasps
My fists clench
Hiding my pain
My face is blank
My heart physically aches
One single tear escapes
Air burns my lungs
Darkness takes me over
I'm going under again


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United States
I think that you should be your own person, there isn't one person in the world who can even come close to who you are because you are special the way God made you, don't let anyone dictate who you are or what you do unless it's God because His plan for your life is perfect. If your a Christian NEVER be ashamed of your faith, don't let others dictate what you believe. My faith is the most important thin in my life to me. I'm a baptist and PROUD TO BE A JESUS FREAK!!!

---[]--- Put this
---[]--- on all your
---[]--- accounts
-[][][][][]- if you're
---[]--- not embarrassed
---[]--- to tell
---[]--- others that
---[]--- you're a
---[]--- Christian

put this on your channel if you LOVE NARUTO

Just so ya know (in no particular order):

I like Anime
I like Manga
I like Photography
I like Science
I like making videos

Check me out on (follow, watch, add me and you are AMAZING):






World Photography:…
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So here pretty recently my life's made some BIG changes. I decided I'm not going to continue working towards the career I've spent most of high school working towards because I think God has bigger things in store for me. Now I'm looking at going into photojournalism. My boyfriend (of almost 5 years) and I broke up which hurt a lot but I'm getting through it. I guess all I'm saying is who thought God would wait to turn my life all upside down until my senior year of high school. Guess He knew I wasn't strong enough until now. Well God, here goes nothing I'm going to give it my all and trust You to make everything work for Your glory.

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